Return and Refund Policy

At we continuously strive to align ourselves with your expectations, recognizing that your support is the driving force behind our success. Our brand is synonymous with exceptional assistance and convenience throughout every step of your online leather purchase, making your experience truly worthwhile. Guided by our in-house design team, we have established essential guidelines to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, even as they indulge in extensive shopping.
Our Core Objective
Our primary goal is to enhance our clients’ profiles by alleviating any anxieties related to online purchases. We achieve this through relevant regulations that guarantee the unmatched quality of our online services. To make our consumers aware of the services designed to ease the purchasing process, we have introduced a straightforward return and exchange policy. As a legitimate jacket retailer, our dedicated staff is equipped to fulfill your orders with professionalism and efficiency.
Before Making a Purchase
Before placing an order on the online store, consumers are required to read and adhere to our return and exchange policy. Our aim is to maintain a reputable position in the fashion business by providing hassle-free and enjoyable services to everyone, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the core of our standards.
Reasons to Return Your Parcel
If you receive a defective package, please check the jacket using the specifications you provided before requesting a return or exchange. Notify us as soon as you receive the order if the defective package satisfies any of the following requirements:
1. Instead of the jacket you ordered, you received another one.
2. The jacket is not the right size for you.
3. The image displays a distinct appearance for the colors and design.
4. You received a defective item.
5. The jacket has poor quality and a terrible appearance. Addresses Your Concerns
Our policy is applicable to everyone experiencing the aforementioned issues while using our services. We value your feedback and appreciate the opportunity to address any challenges you may encounter during your online shopping experience. The following terms and conditions are outlined to demonstrate our commitment to handling client concerns effectively and transparently:
1. Carefully inspect the jacket for issues before requesting a return or exchange.
2. Return the defective package exactly as received, without any alterations, perfume, or alcohol stains.
3. Ensure the jacket’s tags and attached elements are intact if it does not meet your shopping demands.
4. Make a claim for a return or exchange within 30 days of receiving the package; claims beyond this period will not be accepted.
5. Promptly return or exchange the unused item after examining the issues.
The buyer is responsible for covering the shipping costs associated with returned or exchanged items, and the company shall not be liable for any shipment problems. This policy is limited to pre-designed jackets; custom jackets, made to specified measurements, are not covered.
Refund Guidelines
According to our refund policy, we will reimburse you under the following conditions:
1. Within our 30-day return policy promise.
2. If the product is not as described.
3. If your package was handled improperly by the courier service during shipping or delivery.
4. If the purchased jacket is unavailable.
To receive a complete refund, the customer must return the item and provide the return ship tracking code within 24 hours. A £5 cancellation fee applies if you change your mind. is dedicated to being convenient whenever you need our help. As per our return guidelines, you can expect a:
– 100% money-back promise
– Free-of-charge services
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